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We should never have told people to start taking vitamins

It seems like simple, obvious advice: Eat your vegetables, get some exercise, and, of course, take your vitamins.

Or not.

Decades of research has failed to find any substantial evidence that vitamins and supplements do any significant good. And our obsession with vitamins masks a much bigger problem: We’re not getting the nutrients we need from our diets.

We should never have told people to start taking vitamins

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That’s the premise of science writer Catherine Price’s latest book, “Vitamania,” which explores how the tiny, colorful pills transformed the way we think about food.

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“We use vitamins as insurance policies against whatever else we might (or might not) be eating, as if by atoning for our other nutritional sins, vitamins can save us from ourselves,” Price writes.

They can’t. And some of them might actually be hurting us instead. Several supplements have been linked with an increase in certain cancers, while others have been associated with a rise in the risk of kidney stones. Still others have been tied to an overall higher risk of death from any cause.

So if we’re not eating right, and vitamins aren’t the solution, what do we do?

First, we can change what we eat. For most of us, this means eating less red meat, fewer sweets, and more fresh fruits and vegetables. New USDA guidelines announced in January echo these recommendations.

Several leading nutritionists and public health experts have said that in addition to doing all of the above, we should also eat more healthy fats like those from avocados, oily fish, and nuts.

eat more healthy fats

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These basics are a good place to start:

  • Keep vegetables as the cornerstone of your meals. Or, in the words of the famous journalist and food writer Michael Pollan: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
  • Snack on nuts. Since they’re high in protein, nuts can help stabilize blood-sugar levels – which, if they plummet, can make healthy people feel “hangry” (hungry and angry) and is especially dangerous for people with diabetes. Nuts are also a good source of fiber, a key nutrient that helps aid digestion and keeps us feeling full.
  • Cut back on added sugar and refined carbs. Diets that are high in sugar and refined carbs (white rice, sweet snack foods, white bread) and low in whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat) have been linked with health problems, while diets high in whole grains and low in refined carbs tend to be linked with more positive outcomes.
  • Incorporate oily fishlike salmon into your diet. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fats, which help protect our cell membranes, the structure protecting the inner components from their outside environment. They’re also the building blocks of the hormones that regulate blood clotting and inflammation.
  • Eat avocados. While they’re high in fat and calories – just half of one packs 120 calories, about the equivalent of a slice of bread – avocados are low in sugar and rich in fiber. So add a few slices to your next meal.

As it turns out, all of the above foods are rich in various vitamins and minerals. Most green, leafy veggies are high in vitamins A, C, and E; colorful peppers and carrots are rich in vitamin A; fish and nuts are high in omega-3s; and avocados are a great source of potassium and vitamins C and E.

With this knowledge, writes Price, “we might rediscover something both surprising and empowering: that, while nutrition itself is amazingly complex, the healthiest, most scientific, and most pleasurable way to eat is not that complicated at all.”

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6 Time Tested Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss

The idea losing weight fast is an attractive one isn’t it? However, losing weight quickly does not always result in permanent weight loss. Not to mention, it might not be healthy for you in the long run either.

Chances are, you have struggled with being overweight for a number of years, and you have probably developed some habits that contribute to your problem. Shedding extra pounds can seem nearly impossible if you try to stumble your way through it all alone. What you need is a few simple, yet proven weight loss strategies put together by real people that have done it before you that will stand the test of time.

6 time tested strategies for permanent weight loss

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1. Attitude – You must cultivate a positive attitude. No matter how much weight you have to lose, no matter how many diets or “programs” you have tried in the past, you must believe can and will lose weight! Not only is it possible, but it is very likely now that you are arming yourself with this proven weight loss strategy. There is one guaranteed way to not lose weight and that is believing that you can’t. You also need to have an attitude of doing whatever it takes to lose weight. There will be obstacles and temptations along the way, but having the right attitude will get you past them.

2. Have Fun – Well, that’s an odd thing for a strategy, isn’t it? At first glance, that may seem to be the case, but you may as well have fun while you are working hard to improve your health. Work and fun are not always opposites, so go ahead and eat fun food (only on special occasions and in moderation of course) and do fun things to burn calories. Smile! Remember, losing weight is should be rewarding, not drudgery. People like Leslie Sansone, Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, Zumba Experts, are just a few experts that all have programs that really make working out and eating well fun yet effective.

3. Resources – No man or woman is an island, and trying to lose weight all by yourself is an exercise in futility. Things like weight loss guides and meal plans, food scales, calorie counters, phone apps, gym memberships, workout DVDs, a personal trainer, accountability group/partner, and so on are all important tools to work with. The more resources you have and make use of, the more likely you are to succeed.

4. Be patient – How long did it take you to weigh as much as you do now? If you are several pounds overweight, then it’s a safe bet that you did not gain all the weight overnight, or even in a few months for that matter. Therefore, it’s going to take some time to take that weight off. However, if you follow a good plan combined with a proven weight loss strategy, then you should be able to lose weight faster than you put it on.

5. Celebrate! – It isn’t always easy to lose weight, but it is possible. Be sure to celebrate the small successes along the way, as well as reaching your ultimate goal.

6. Rinse and Repeat – You will stumble along the way and that’s okay. We all have and still do at times. You need to stay calm and remember it’s just a minor blip in the grand scheme of things, but don’t forget to get right back to it. Bottom Line: Don’t give up!

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