Reduce GI Inflammation, Promote Bowel Regularity, and Support Intestinal Health - All While Accelerating Your Fat Loss With This Little-Known, Simple Trick
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BioTRUST Pro-X10 Ingredients

Taking care of the stomach is the key to overall body health. This is also one of the major ways of impacting your immune system positively. It is a fact that the alimentary canal is home to trillions of living bacteria and good health requires that the bacteria be kept at an ideal ratio.

Pro-X10 comes in handy in ensuring that this desired balanced is achieved. The microencapsulated packed with healthy ingredients key among them Actazin. Actazin has insoluble fiber whose main function is to promote the regular movement of bowel and passing of stool. It also softens the stool while eliminating instance sof bloating or gas build-up.

Pro-X10 Ingredients

Actazin also contains Prokinetic enzymes which stimulate gentle and regulated bowel movement. Polyphenolics, on the other hand suppress bad bacteria and pathogens in the stomach while prebiotics promote the production of natural probiotics hence maintaining a balanced ratio between bad and good bacteria in the stomach.

Other ingredients which are found in Pro-X10 include s. boulardii which offers immune support by increasing blood count in the cells while reducing inflammation of the system, bifidobacterium lactis which offers relief for constipation and indigestion and lastly, lactobacillus salivarius whose function is to decrease the formation of plaque, to freshen breath and prevent gum sensitivity.

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