Non-Stimulant Fat Metabolism Booster • 3.79x Increase in Weight Loss • 2.2x Decrease in Waist & Hip Size • Results Seen in as Little as 2 Weeks • Potent & Research-Proven
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Does BioTRUST Metabo379 Work?

BioTRUST Metabo379 2+1BioTrust Metabo379 has been through a couple of identical clinical tests, both times achieving similar results.

The tests were double blind placebo controlled which mode so as to neither the test subjects nor the researchers knew who was taking the placebo and who was taking the real thing.

The half that got Sigmalean took the exact similar dose as in BioTRUST Metabo379.

Each participant ate a 2000 calorie a day diet as well as walked for 30 minutes per day.

The Sigmalean group lost 3.79 times extra weight than the placebo group.

In real numbers, after 2 weeks, they lost 4.5 pounds and after the full 8 weeks, they lost 11.5 pounds, while the placebo group lost merely about 3 pounds.

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