Non-Stimulant Fat Metabolism Booster • 3.79x Increase in Weight Loss • 2.2x Decrease in Waist & Hip Size • Results Seen in as Little as 2 Weeks • Potent & Research-Proven
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BioTRUST Metabo379 Product ImageBioTRUST Metabo379 is the latest dietary supplement from BioTRUST, a leading producer of dietary pills with its headquarters in the United States that with lots of customers all over the world. It is said to help one lose weight 3.79 times faster than the regular supplements.

An extra thorough look at its composition will help you understand whether the states that are valid.

About BioTRUST Metabo379

BioTRUST Metabo379 works in three diverse ways.

  • It Inhibits The Formation Of Fat Cells
  • It Limits The Growth Of Fat Cells
  • It Stimulates The Breakdown Of Fat Cells

This method means that your body will no longer work against you in your efforts to lose weight as this progress to burning fat from less to minimal effort.

BioTRUST Metabo379 2+1BioTrust Metabo379 has been through a couple of identical clinical tests, both times achieving similar results.

The tests were double blind placebo controlled which mode so as to neither the test subjects nor the researchers knew who was taking the placebo and who was taking the real thing.

The half that got Sigmalean took the exact similar dose as in BioTRUST Metabo379.

Each participant ate a 2000 calorie a day diet as well as walked for 30 minutes per day.

The Sigmalean group lost 3.79 times extra weight than the placebo group.

In real numbers, after 2 weeks, they lost 4.5 pounds and after the full 8 weeks, they lost 11.5 pounds, while the placebo group lost merely about 3 pounds.

BioTRUST Metabo379 3+3

  • It accelerates the rate at which the body breaks down fat cells to be utilized at the identical time as energy. This way that not just does your body have a hard moment when adding up new fat cells, it also makes sure that the existing ones are efficiently burned
  • It reduces fat cell growth as well as inhibits fat cell production
  • It has Bioperine, which we said is widely notable for its ability of making absorption of nutrients easier.
  • It has passed the unique test in the market Quality assurance normal which is a seven –stage research and testing technique by BioTRUST
  • It has a one year dollars back guarantee
  • It has been tested and verified at the same time as pure by third- party organization
  • It carries the Platinum Usual Research granted by Bio Trust while it has 2 major studies that established its ability help lose weight by 3.79 times.
  • It might have ironclad states based on research carried out, but it is not a big problem. Studies show that it can be basically solved by walking for thirty minute five day every week
  • Still need to exercise in conjunction to the use of Metabo379
  • It is basically accessible online through the manufactures website only


BioTRUST Nutrition is a known company. It can be traced back by buyers of its products in case of any complications. This means that the company is ready to take responsibility for any problems caused by the use of its products, including Metabo379. This is thus enough assurance that the product is a genuine weight loss package that can be trusted upon by the users. The many reviews on BioTRUST Metabo379 also show that many people use it and thus it is for sure not a scam.

BioTRUST Metabo379 Scam or Genuine

The 3 ingredients contained in this supplement have been proven to be effective in boosting metabolism rates and speeding up weight loss. As we have seen, it works by reducing the amount of fat cells that accumulate in the body and shrink the ones currently in the body. Since it determines the metabolism rate, it also benefits the amount of energy you will have as well while how hungry you will be, which both are very essential when trying to lose weight.

When you see the list of ingredients, you will discover that SigmaLean has been listed while one of the ingredients. It isn’t an ingredient by itself but is a combination of two ingredients, so as to is, Sphaeranthus Indicus as well as Garcinia Mangostana

  • Garcinia Mangostan – is a plant grown is South-east Asian countries. It contains a fruit that is sweet and juicy. Studies have shown that the fruit’s juice contains enzymes that help boost the metabolism rate.
  • Sphaeranthus Indicus – is a typical plant grown in India. It is widely used in holistic medicines as a treatment to all types of issues like epilepsy, diabetes, mental illness, skin diseases, hemorrhoids and many more. Research has showed that this plants benefits go even further than what it is currently used for. When it comes to weight loss and metabolism, there are many studies that back up its positive effects.
  • BioPerine – which is an extract of black pepper. This ingredient is commonly used as studies show that it boosts the absorption rate of nutrients by more than 60 percent. This ensures that one gets maximum benefits from the food you eat as well as the supplements you take.

BioTRUST Metabo379 Ingredients

With every extra bottle that you buy, one is able to attract discounts. A single bottle of BioTRUST Metabo379, for example, goes for $49 while three go for $59 each and six go for $39 each. There is also a free copy of “The 3 Week Diet” -and- “53 Fat Burning Smoothies!” accompanying every purchased package.


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